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Project D

    When I first entered your forum I found two words springing to mind which is “Simple and Sleek”. While viewing your forum for the most part was easy on the eyes the text size of the board is way too small, I think its only size 8 or 7.5 and it isn’t good for people who have bad eye site, I myself wear glasses which correct my vision to a normal persons and I struggled to read your forum board which was quite off putting, I would suggest changing your default text size to 18. I was also disappointed at the major lack of graphics that your board offered, while looking around I didn’t see much in the terms of graphics and it was quite disappointing because your board looks very empty otherwise.

    Overall while viewing your forum board my first impression was quite mediocre I can tell instantly that you took the standard pro silver theme and heavily customized it but it would have been nice if you got a lot more of your own graphics to liven the place up because the forum to me, does seem quite dead which was disappointing. On a more positive note I do like how sleekly designed your forum is but sadly due to the lack of originality, lack of graphics and lack of activity my first impressions fall largely on the mediocre scale.

    Let’s start off with your banner/logo situated at the top of the forum, I found this to be quite bland and I honestly felt that you could have something much more extravagant situated in the banner slot because you have the space and you’ve got a lot of empty space up top that is completely wasted, as for the banner itself, it does look nice although I would capitalized the wording as it would look nicer and more professional otherwise your banner is quite simple.

    Your navigation bar fits quite nicely in your forum as the colour matches the theme quite nicely; however it has continued the simplicity throughout the theme and does look quite sleek. I wish I could say more but the navigation bar is very basic but it still looks good.

    I now turned my attention to your post icons and forum icons but I honestly can’t comment on them because they are the pro silver default buttons and while they look nice they are basic, I wish you had used your own because it would have added more originality to your forum.

    I then looked for any other forum images and I was slightly disappointed at the lack of images on your forum besides your banner and the other default images used, I only noticed one which was In your legend which slightly stuck out a little and doesn’t look that good, the image just pushed everything to the right almost, I’d see about getting that fixed.

    I then turned my attention to your overall theme and organization, firstly your theme is very basic although it has been customized to some degree and I like the colours used as they blend together quite well. On the other hand I don’t feel your forum has any originality because you’ve largely used default graphics instead of replacing with your own. In terms of organisation I can’t fault your level of organization as the categories and forums are well placed and grouped together nicely and they flow quite well. I would like to note I’d watch the wording within your categories as I noticed some spelling and grammar errors which may put members off from joining.

    I think I’ve covered everything within the graphics section so overall I found your lack of graphics disappointing and the ones you did use were either very basic or very plain. I’d look to replacing the default graphics with your own as otherwise the originality of your forums isn’t really there.

    Your general forum activity Is quite low, while I was viewing your forum I noticed on 2 members connected within the last 24 hours, yourself and this test account I used to browse your forum this tells me that activity on your forum is almost non-existent and you should work on attracting more members to your forum.
    Also I noticed many of your sections, which can be posted in at all times aren’t really being posted in. In fact when I viewed your forum, some places hadn’t even been posted in for a considerable amount of time which shows a high degree of inactivity.

    On an interesting note you do have 104 registered users with 854 posts which if we worked out the ratio that would be around 8 posts per user but given the nature of your forum I can imagine people sign up to look around, rather than post, this tells me you should work on keeping members and making them post and comment.

    Overall your lack of forum activity is quite poor and I can understand that due to your nature of your forum that activity being low is understandable but even so, your level of activity is beyond poor.  I’d seriously work on trying to build a semi active user base and encourage people to post more often as your current activity level is poor.

    I noticed you’ve got one usergroup which would appear to be the moderator group. I see it contains yourself and one other member who hasn’t visited the forum since the 17 June. I find this to be quite poor although considering your activity level, I can understand that there won’t be a lot of moderation being needed around the forum so the level of staff you have is quite good. However, I would encourage your only other staff member to maybe visit the forums a little more often.

    I found while viewing your forum that it simply isn’t very original. I will start by saying that your forum design is sleek and simple which does work in your favour, I have seen that you’ve customized the theme to look how it is right now and that is commendable given what the stock of the forum look like. On the other hand you have used a lot of the default images which tells me that you haven’t really made much progress in making the forums original.

    I would suggest changing the colours of the forum board and trying to get your own images as with your own images your forums will look much more original and people might decide to stick around and help out with theme customizing and developing. However right now I can tell that your forum isn’t very original as the two most original things I’ve noticed on your forum happen to be the “Recent theme” widget and the advertising widget, both look quite nice and will help your forum grow but otherwise the rest of the theme including the graphics used, simply aren’t original.    

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I noticed I forgot to share the code like I normally do for reviews, sorry about that, I hope you liked the review Very Happy

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@Derri can you review my site too Smile
but my site is not from english forum ?

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tommycoo wrote:@Derri can you review my site too Smile
but my site is not from english forum ?

Sorry I only review sites that meet the review requirements on Forumotion which one of these requirements are that it is in English, sorry Neutral

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