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Project Design

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First Impressions -  Rating: Average

    As i entered your forum site with the reviewer's account, i have notice the structure, design, and some words on your forum, 30%(my accuracy) are from the old skin this support forum. Although i like the way you have code it to make it more simple. While i was scanning the whole index of the site, i also notice that every things are detailed which is good for guests/vistors & new members, for them to easily understand everything within the forum site. The font size of your description, messages, and navigation bar is quite small, which people who have eye problems/without glasses may not be able to read correct. Everthing is very nice simple and neat, yet the design/skin that you have used on your site not unique, since it has been used some designs of it here on the support forum. but don't worry ever forum/community has a bright future to look forward to, here are some Pros and Cons that you may help you.Pros- Simple and Neat- Easily use and understand everythingCons - Theme is not unique- Font size are small- Ordinary theme site, without any catchy effects/things

Graphics & Layout - Rating: Average

    Let's start with the major graphics the main banner & navigation bars, The main banner is perfectly design the mixture and combination of the colors and fonts are very good. They are match with the main body of the skin. On to the navigation bars, they are simple yet needs more design/effects since you run a theme site you need catchy things in order to attract vistors/members on your site. While i was browsing your site, No Offense but on the category "Home Section" i know where you all took those forum section images. Just a suggest, if you run a graphic,theme, or anything that is related in creating images and mixing colors you should make it by yourself. Well since your making themes, i think there's no problem in making graphics/images ? But still i was amaze the themes you have created i hope you can also make for your own site a better. Goodluck with that !

Forum Activity - Rating: Very poor

    Most users ever online was 33 on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:39 pmMembers connected during last 24 hours : BlackScorpion, GD, GDesign, genji watanabeThere are only 4 users(Including my reviewer's account) who seems connected to your site, The activity on your forum is very low, here are some tips if you want to make your forum's activity boost, promote your forum site in other popular places and advertise there(Remember follow also their rules or else your site might be reported) you can also make events/contests to gain more members use the point system as a prize first once they gather enough points you can also make a theme shop so they could use their points as their online payment. You can also use social networks like facebook,twitter, etc. to promote your site.

Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Poor

    There are currently 2 Usergroups, Moderators & Managers and currently 3 staff members. You should add 2 more usergroups and more staff to make your forum kept alive and well organize. because your site is all about themes, where are the usergroups for themers ? and graphic designers ? In this way if you add more 2 groups that will make more clear to the guests/members. Goodluck !

Originality & Unique
- Rating: Poor

    I already seen a same theme like this, and it's the old skin of this support forum(english) sorry to say although i really seen many things that needs to be changed. First of all that theme would be awesome even this slogan: "Welcome to the Project Design support forum of forumotion theme!" If it's an official support site of forumotion. Second everything image is quite detailed which is good, yet the bad thing is some of those were owned by forumotion or other very exactly the same. Lastly even the background image of the site is same as the old skin of this support forum.

There are many that needs to be change, but i know you have the potential to do it. Hoping to see your forum successful in the future, Goodluck !

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